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Finding Us


Dee Dog Park is in an awesome secluded location with fantastic views. Unfortunately, that means it’s a bit more tricky to find so we thought we’d show you how to reach us. We have photos and everything- we’re kind like that!

For both the Forest and Meadow fields the initial arrival instructions are the same- there's just a slightly different parking area and access for each field when you get there.



Use postcode CH61 OHW to reach the bottom of Church Lane. Proceed down this unmade road to the right just after the church.


Continue down the unmade road 170m to reach this gate.


The gate may be locked if you’ve booked the first session of that day. Use the combination code provided in your welcome email to access it.

Ignore the metal gates on the right- these are the entrance to Forget Me Not Fields natural burial ground.


Proceed along the path 300m up to the Dee Dog Park entrance itself. There’s a passing point half way along if you need it.

This path is also a public footpath so do keep below 5mph and look out for walkers, children and dogs.


You’ll arrive at Dee Dog Park entrance gate shortly. The outer entrance gate will be locked with a combination lock. Use the combination code from your booking email to unlock it.

Please keep the gate locked during your visit and make sure it's locked when you depart.



If you've booked the meadow field then drive into the parking area- there are three parking spaces marked on your right.

See below for Forest Field parking.



If you've booked the forest field then, after you've locked the entrance gate behind you,  continue to drive up to the forest field entrance gate and open it.

Parking for the Forest Field is inside the field itself on the left.

Don't unload your dogs until you're parked there with the forest field gate closed behind you. 


Do be sure to follow the rules and regulations too!

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