Rules  and Regulations


For the safety and enjoyment of all customers you must abide by these these rules and regulations:

  • Please arrive and leave promptly to avoid the unnecessary build up of customers waiting their turn. The car park is shared by both the forest and meadow fields but time slots are staggered by 30 minutes.

  • Please open and close the footpath gates as instructed at the time of your booking, leaving the secure car parking area gates locked when leaving your session.

  • Do not leave any food within any park areas including bird feed. Dogs may eat this and become ill. If you do see bird seed or other food items within the park then please report it immediately.

  • For the safety of footpath users, pedestrians, dogs and horses please adhere to 5 miles per hour speed limits along this pathway. Pass other vehicles with care using the passing places provided along the track.

  • Please ensure the security gates are closed before getting your dog(s) out of the vehicle.

  • Do not move the padlock from the main gate entrance gate as this is required for access for customers of both fields. If a customer is in the car parking secure area upon your arrival, please allow them to load their dogs into their own vehicles safely before letting your dogs out of your vehicle.

  • Please ensure you pick up after, and responsibly dispose of your dogs poop in the bins provided, and take all other litter home with you.  

  • Water is provided within the Meadow Field only, please feel free to use it to keep your dog(s) hydrated if you have booked that field. Users of the Forest Field will not have access to water.